Visual Artist

Art changes
people's lives

I believe that art can change people’s lives.

Inspiring, evoking emotions, connecting stories, or marking memorable moments. That’s why my artistic essence is the DNA of my studio. This makes my projects unique, exclusive, and original. My art honors the moment, creation, nature, and the feminine.

Tela Acrílica Sobre Tela Ella de Sue Maistro
Ella. 50x90cm. Acrílica sobre tela - SOLD
My Others Me . 70x100 Coleção Duality
Fairy 70x100cm. Coleção Fantasy
Here you can see a glimpse of my fine art work.

Digital canvases, acrylic and watercolor paintings, my favorite techniques. To acquire one of my artistic works, you can choose from the existing canvases or commission a new piece of art. In either case, the creation will be free, in an inspirational manner in line with my style. Contact me through the button below.

Fantasy Collection 2022

The unreal imaginary as a representation of female creative strength

Mazzo Di Fiori Collection 2022

Delicate watercolors painted on bouquets of flowers that enchant any environment.

*Algumas telas possuem molduras para efeito de visualização, elas podem ser adquiridas com ou sem moldura. Consulte *