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See my answers below, and if you have any questions not listed, please write to me.

I have been drawing since childhood and have been working professionally in drawing, painting, and art for over 20 years. Artistic expression is part of my DNA. Whether it’s watercolor painting, acrylics, digital art, or even applying my art to the skin in the form of tattoos, my work is always driven by the art that has been with me since the beginning.

My canvas artworks, when in digital form, are printed on fine art materials suitable for an original, durable, and elegant artistic piece. They receive a seal of originality and my signature. Hand-painted artworks are unique pieces of me. Setting a value is impossible without knowing the type of art, size, whether it will be an available ready-made piece or a specific commission.

A commissioned canvas artwork takes at least one month to be created. I will study and research your theme with care and delicacy. I will begin to sketch your piece and over the days, refine the composition. One thing I guarantee: the wait will be worthwhile, and you will have a piece that carries a part of my artistic soul.

I have a degree in Advertising, and over time, I have also specialized in design, art direction, and creative work. Since the beginning of my career, I have worked in advertising agencies, creating campaigns of various types for a diverse range of clients. I continue to do this because I enjoy my field—I always have. So, I divide my time between these roles: creating for agencies, artistic design, and tattooing.

• An exclusive and original tattoo, no copies. I will create artwork for you based on your story, favorite themes, and preferences. If you are unique, your new tattoo should be too. I am committed to original work, without reproductions.

• My focus will be solely on you and the careful application of our project. Tip: avoid bringing companions; the focus is on you, not others.

• Impeccable and professional biosafety, premium quality materials, entirely disposable and top-of-the-line, to provide you with the best in the world of tattooing.

• Post-tattoo care kit so you don’t have to worry about buying anything after the tattoo. Careful healing of your skin, chosen and tested by me.

• Feel free to reach out to me after the tattoo; it will be a pleasure to answer your healing questions, calm your fears, remind you not to scratch or pick at scabs, and even recommend the best hydration for the second week post-tattoo.

• A pleasant conversation if you enjoy chatting, a respectful silence if you prefer quietness, or if you’d like, take a nap on my table while I tattoo you; you will be safe by my side.

• Delicate, dedicated, and respectful time in the process. I won’t rush to “finish quickly” without considering your pain.

My daily rate ranges from a minimum of 250 euros (even for small tattoos) up to an average of 950 euros (for tattoos up to the size of an A4 sheet), based on the time I estimate it will take to complete the project.

If you are interested in getting a small tattoo, please read the answer to the next question.

Tattoos up to about 12cm in size, I call baby tattoos. Despite being small, they have practically the same material and disposable costs as a larger tattoo. In this pricing structure, I include my exclusive artistic creation (which happens even with baby tattoos), my dedicated time, and materials. Therefore, a baby tattoo with me can cost an average of 150 euros; the price may vary depending on the location you want to tattoo and the theme of your artwork

Not exactly. I don’t do tattooing exclusively. I am an artist who also tattoos. So, my tattooing schedule opens for very limited days during the month. On other days, I am dedicating myself to art and being a mother. But there is not a long waiting list; you don’t have to wait for a long time to get tattooed by me because my schedule is extremely organized.

I will try to accommodate you within a reasonable time so that I can create your project with quality and creativity. However, there is an additional urgency fee for these cases.

As a Brazilian who has just arrived in Ireland, I am currently providing services at partner tattoo studios in Dublin or Carlow, primarily in Carlow. If you live a bit far and are wondering if it’s worth traveling for a few hours to get tattooed by me, I assure you: it’s totally worth it. A tattoo is for a lifetime.

I have over 18 years of experience in creation, and it will be a pleasure to assist you in deciding what to get tattooed, size, and ideal locations. However, the final decision will always be yours, and to get a tattoo, you need to be certain of what you want.