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I'm an

I’m a brazilian creative art director and visual artist. I’m a passionate person with more than 18 years of experience so far.

For over 18 years, I have worked within the largest national and international advertising agencies. I have served major clients such as Bauducco, Siemens, Itaú, Bradesco, Graacc, Honda, Rochè, Sky, Livraria Cultura, Johnsons, Unilever, Peugeot, Laboratórios Femme, GSK, Yamaha, Pão de Açúcar, BV Financeira, Novartis, among many others. Today, I use all my creative Know-How to develop impactful visual arts and communication solutions.



Senior Art Director | Illustrator | Visual Artist

Over 18 years of experience in creation, design, and illustration. I have created campaigns for large and medium-sized clients throughout the years. For over 9 years, my work has also focused on digital communication, strategy development, digital marketing, and the world of visual arts.



  • Gold at the ABEMD Award (Brazilian Association of Direct Marketing) Campaign Graacc – Let the Cause Embrace You.
  • Silver at the AMAUTA Award (Highest award for Direct and Interactive Marketing in Latin America) Campaign Graacc – Let the Cause Embrace You.
  • IBCLC Care Award (International Board Lactation Consultant) Mama Neném Digital Project


  • Grey
  • Publicis
  • Sapient
  • WMcCANN Health
  • Jussi The Business Agency
  • W3Haus
  • GiovanniDraftFCB
  • Ogilvy One
  • The Marketing Store
  • Ogilvy FAV
  • Live Marketing


  • Social Communication – Advertising and Propaganda from Universidade Nove de Julho
  • Graphic Design from Impacta Tecnologia
  • Drawing from Quanta Academia de Artes 
  • Children’s Editorial Illustration from Quanta Academia de Artes
  • Digital Painting from Quanta Academia de Arte
  • Digital Painting from Melies Cinema e Animação
  • Fashion Design from Faculdade Paulista de Artes
  • Aesthetics and Cosmetology from Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul (to understand the application of art on the skin)
  • MBA in Market Management from ESPM
  • Update Course: Online Behavior and Digital Strategies – ESPM

Ateliê Sue Maistro

At my studio, I create canvas artworks for exhibitions and art collectors. It's the way I found to express my artistic creativity beyond commissioned illustrations. My artworks have been recognized for 2 consecutive years (2021|2022) with artistic merit by the Pinacoteca de Luxemburgo. In 2023, 5 canvases were exhibited by the Art Lab Galerie in São Paulo. I have also learned to apply my art in the form of tattoos and offer this service to clients who value artistic creation.

Portal Mãe Pop

Over 20 million people impacted on the website. Over 300,000 people impacted on social media. A portal about motherhood, child development, and behavior where I develop all aspects of marketing, SEO, content creation and editing, and digital strategies. The portal has been live for over 7 years and is part of BVS, the Virtual Health Library of PAHO, WHO, and BIREME, as a secure website providing information for mothers and parents.

Projeto Mama Neném

In 2013, I launched an information, support, and encouragement project for breastfeeding. I impacted over 300,000 mothers and health professionals by providing daily relevant information based on studies and scientific research through social media, coordinating courses for professionals, and the Portal Mãe Pop, organically. The project was the only one in Latin America recognized by the IBLCE Care Award as a breastfeeding promotion and support project alongside a renowned hospital like Albert Einstein in 2019.